Diana goes above and beyond every other mastiff breeder I’ve come in contact with. The health and safety of the puppies are paramount. The pups go through a tremendous amount of handling and pre-training to make their transition to their new homes smoother. She works very hard to match pups to owners, focusing on personality, rather than looks. Very wise in my book! Our pup (now over a year old) is the best dog I’ve ever owned.
— Ellie

We brought home brother and sister pups and are so pleased with them! They each have awesome personalities and mannerisms! They were easy to train and they can’t get enough praise and affection! We have three children who love to chase them around as much as they love to cuddle with them! Great family dogs! Great quality coloring! They are healthy and lean! We couldn’t be more pleased! They have made a HUGE addition to our family!

Had a great time buying my pup from Diana. From our first interaction she has been friendly, fun, informative and knowledgeable. She has a love for the Mastiff breed that shows in every interaction. She worked with me and even met me half way to deliver my pup in the nastiest of weather.
MOST IMPORTANT= since the sale she has been completely available to me night and day for any question. She cares about how her puppies are doing in their homes and will help their new families to insure the pups she produces have great futures!!!

This is not just a breeder of dogs, Diana is a breeder of family members. She sees the pups as her family until the pup goes to the forever home. She spends time with each and every pup preparing them for their life ahead. Separation is a tough thing and she does everything she can to prep those pups for what’s to come. I can’t boast the style and effort she puts in to the pups enough.
You won’t go wrong if you chose to research pups with Diana. Her pup parents are health checked and she is not a “the more the better” mentality when it comes to breeding, she limits breedings for the health of her dogs. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, once you get a Mastiff you will always crave another in your life. My Emma Pearl is only 4 months old at this point but I can say I’ll always have a need for another. I’m addicted.

I need to tell ANYONE that is interested in buying a puppy from Diana! When I first met Diana I was just tinkering w/ the idea of getting an English Mastiff that I have wanted my ENTIRE life!!! I was so happy to hear there was a breeder so close! After meeting Diana, and her puppies, I knew I had to have one of these dogs! Even her grown dogs are absolutely gorgeous and VERY WELL behaved! I have hoped that when my puppy grows up he will be just like these puppies’ Mom.
I have never dreamed how in love I now could be w/ such a GREAT dog! He is my dream dog, and by far the COOLEST thing I have ever bought myself!
Diana takes so much time and special care of her litters. I could never imagine buying a Mastiff from any other breeder. One of these days, I know I’ll get another one!

Couldn’t have asked for a better person to deal with. Great person and great breeder. Really cares about the dogs!

Working with Diana has been such a pleasure! She is dedicated to her work and it shows! From the first contact we had with her until now, she has been prompt with her replies and offers great support for any questions. She proves to be very knowledgeable and thorough with her pups. The careful attention each and every pup receives goes above and beyond any other breeder we’ve seen. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone interested in or looking for a mastiff. We will definitely be getting another mastiff from Diana in the future. I hope others have the pleasure of working with her along with the joy one of her pups brings!

Mountain Mama Mastiffs goes above and beyond just being a dog breeder! Diana cares for each individual puppy with the tenderest of care and devotion. From excellent healthcare and proper vaccinations, to early training, puppy personality tests and a huge wealth of knowledge to answer all of your questions, she makes sure you find the perfect puppy for your family. Even months after adoption, Diana has still made herself available and interested in any questions you may have for the care of your puppy as he/she continues to grow. I couldn’t be more pleased with my puppy and the care and experience we received from Mountain Mama Mastiffs! Thank you!♡

I totally agree with the comments of the other reviewers! Our experience with Mountain Mama Mastiffs has been fantastic. When I saw the love and care Diana has for all the puppies she raises, not to mention the above and beyond work she does with them, I knew that Major would be the perfect puppy for us. Diana has been super helpful and supportive, and I can’t thank her enough for all her encouragement in my journey from not being a “dog person” to loving having a mastiff in our family!

FEW people are capable of raising pups such as Diana and her family do!
Socialization and care BEYOND the call of duty ~ Beautiful breed and top quality initiative to breed ONLY the BEST!
LOVE her pups and LOVE her devotion TO this breed!
You won’t find a better, more solid pup ANYWHERE!

(Reviews are from Mountain Mama Mastiffs Facebook page)